4 Tips for Trimming Your Bangs at Home

bangsI want to be clear here. I don't necessarily recommend trimming your bangs at home, but let's be honest, fellow bang-clad ladies: We're all gonna do it. I've been trimming my own bangs on and off for as long as I've had them (a long time), and while they always look better when I make the five-minute trip to the salon, I've definitely picked up some tips on how to get the best possible DIY bang trim.

Here are 4 must-know tips for trimming your bangs at home.

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  • How to Get Gorgeous Bangs When You Trim on Your Own

  • Use the Right Scissors


    Don't use the scissors you use to cut wrapping paper. For that matter, don't use nail scissors, kitchen scissors, pinking shears, or any other scissors that aren't meant for hair. If you're going to trim your bangs, you need a proper pair of cutting shears and/or thinning shears from a beauty supply store. If you're a frequent trimmer, it's a good investment.

  • Style Your Hair & Cut Bangs Dry


    Wet hair is longer than dry hair, so chances are, if you cut your bangs wet, they'll be shorter than you'd like them to be. Also, you want your bangs to go with your current 'do. If you have side bangs and want straight-across bangs, best to leave it to a professional, who can blend them into the rest of your hair properly.

  • Trim Only a 1/4 Inch at Once


    You want to make sure you don't overdo it. Super short bangs, unless you're going for the Betty Page look, is no bueno. Trim a little, then finger comb bangs and see how they look. You can always cut more.

  • Trim Upward for a More Textured Look


    If you want a more choppy look, a la Taylor Swift, pull bangs forward and cut upward a few times after you've done your initial trim. It'll give bangs a messier look, but again, a few snips will do the trick.

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