I'm Terrified of Finding My First Gray Hair

Mary FischerAs a 36-year-old mom of one, I firmly realize that I'm definitely not getting any younger. I have fine lines on my forehead and the beginnings of crows' feet around my eyes. My boobs apparently have magnets hidden inside of them that are directly attracted to the floor. And the skinny girl I used to be left town a while ago and, as of yet, she hasn't bothered to return. (I said "yet.")

But you know what? For the most part, I'm ok with the whole getting older bit. Although, there's one area in particular that I have absolutely no intention of aging gracefully.

The minute I see my first gray hair pop up -- I'll high-tail it to the salon so fast, it'll set some kind of new world record.


OMG. I don't know what it is about the notion of getting grays ... but it scares the hell out of me for some reason. It's like having my hair start to slowly die is the beginning of the end of whatever shred of youth I have left to cling to -- and I'm just not ready to go there quite yet.

I guess it would be different if I were in my 50s or 60s -- but in my late 30s? I'd like to remain a blonde for a bit longer, please. Speaking of being a blonde -- I can't help but wonder if I really do have a gray hair or two hiding on my head somewhere, which I don't notice because of how light my locks already are. Yet another perk of being a blonde. We really do have more fun. (Get over it.)

But just in case that's what's really going on here, I think I'll keep telling my stylist to forgo the low lights for a bit longer ... like at least a good 10 years or so. Maybe by the time I'm 46, I'll warm up to the whole idea of not being a spring chicken anymore and won't be the least bit concerned if the grays start popping up all over the place.

Until then? Bring on the hair dye.

When did you get your first gray hair?


Image via Mary Fischer

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