Kim Kardashian Stuns in White: 4 Tips to Wearing It Year-Round

kim kardashianKim Kardashian couldn't look bad lately if she tried. Okay, maybe that's being generous. But after shedding all that baby weight and kicking booty in the gym, the new mom is looking more radiant than ever these days. And I can't help but notice a pattern with her winter wardrobe: a whole lotta white. As in, every day, Kim's rockin' some white. White skirts. White tops. White cleavage-baring tanks. Heck, complete white ensembles, for crying out loud!

And you know what makes me sort of hate her? She looks fiiiiiine doing it. As in, Kim has mastered how to wear white in the winter and not look like a total buffoon in the process ... that bitch.

I'm kidding Kim, you know I enjoy you. Want to rock white just like Kim and kill it? Check out our 4 tips to wearing white in winter:


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1. Don't go white accessories, too: White accessories are pretty and look fabulous against darker hair and skin tones, but when you're dressing yourself in white, there's no reason to go overkill. If you NEED to wear a white accessory in the winter, I suggest rockin' a statement bracelet or necklace.

wearing_white_in_Winter2. Watch out for see-through white: If you want to wear a pair of crisp white jeans, you need to be careful you're not rockin' bright blue underthings. No matter how great quality your denim is, a color underneath will most likely show through. You know what that means? When it comes to tops, be sure to choose a nude-colored bra, too. Showing off bright bra straps is so middle school.

3. Be careful with tight white: Tight white becomes off-white when it hugs too close to the skin. Tight white also shows off every little flaw and imperfection. Unless you've got thick skin like Kimmy up there, don't go tight if you're not prepared for criticisms.

4. If all white is too bold, pick strategic pieces: The right white blazer can look perfectly chic all year round. The catch: Make sure it's not embroidered with some flowery pattern that makes it seasonally specific.

Do you dare to wear white in the winter?


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