Kim Kardashian Looks Prettier Than Ever & Barely Shows Any Skin (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianI'm guessing the people in hell are wishing they hat hats and scarves right about now, because Kim Kardashian was photographed completely clothed at an event recently. Completely clothed, as in, you can't even see the woman's collarbone. I know.

Kim posted two photos to her Instagram. One, in which she's photographed from far away, but since her butt can be seen from Mars, it's the focal point of the shot. And the other of she and Kanye, later on, at what appears to be a wedding, where she looks positively stunning. That old Hollywood hair! Love!


We rarely see Kim with a hairstyle different from the two she always rocks: Long, loose waves and a tight bun. She ought to play around with different styles more often. Sure, this isn't a 'do for every day, but she looks fantastic like this (you know, because she always looks like a dried up sea hag). I don't think we've never seen Kim with a soft, slicked back style like this. More, please! More, more, more!

It's also worth noting that Kim has inadvertently proved her less-is-more theory wrong in these pics. She looks just as beautiful as she always does (more so, in my opinion) in the first pic, and like I said, barely any skin showing!

New leaf? Doubtful. But hey, let's enjoy it 'til the next booty shot!

What do you think of Kim's hair slicked back?

kim kardashian


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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