Robin Wright's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Could Have Been Even Worse (VIDEO)

Robin WrightThere are certain things we've come to expect during awards shows. Tina and Amy. Jennifer Lawrence's scene-stealing anytime she gets around steps. A speech meltdown (thank you, Jacqueline Bisset) and at least one wardrobe malfunction. For that we have to thank ... drum roll, please ... Robin Wright (no more Penn, thank you very much). Robin, who just announced her engagement to young cutie Ben Foster, collected her award in a sparkling Reem Acra gown, gave new meaning to the word side boob.


While giving her speech for winning Best Actress in a Television Series for her role as Claire Underwood in House of Cards, Robin turned a bit too much to the left and while her boob didn't completely come off its hinges, the audience got a clear view of her boob pasty. Hey, it could have been worse!

Robin's petal-shaped pasty would have been worn under her gown to keep her boobage looking perky without a bra. Though to be honest I'm not sure how it works to hold anything up. I guess it's just there to smooth things out.

Given that Robin is 47 and has two kids, those boobs are holding up pretty well, with or without the pasties. And her toned arms look fabulous. I would totally lose to Robin in an arm wrestling contest.

That said, it happened so fast that it's kind of frightening that anyone noticed it. Not only noticed it, but plastered it all over the Internet. Such is our insatiable desire for the wardrobe malfunction.

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The hazards of the side boob trend. At any rate, Robin looks very happy with her award and her new man. She must be gloating just a tad, given her divorce from Sean Penn. Yeah, Sean is dating Charlize Theron, so there's that. But still, Robin's got a hot young stud and Charlize has Sean Penn -- so who's the winner here, folks?

Did you notice her wardrobe malfunction? Do you wear pasties?

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