5 Golden Globe 2014 Looks We Adored & 5 Others We Just Abhorred (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jan 13, 2014 Beauty & Style

jennifer lawrence with her golden globe instagram 2014Jennifer Lawrence in Dior: Best or worst?A veritable who's who of Hollywood hit up the Beverly Hilton last night for the 2014 Golden Globes, and as usual, it felt like the Super Bowl for people who love fashion. We were keeping score, and for as many glamorous, gorgeous, show-stopping gowns that made their way down the red carpet, there were an equal number of total trainwreck disasters we're still cringing over.

Here, five of the best and five of the worst looks of the starry night ...

What looks did you love/hate?

Image via GoldenGlobes/Instagram

  • Best: Olivia Wilde


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    Olivia Wilde schooled all the other expectant moms on the red carpet by rocking her growing belly in this slinky, sequined mermaid goddess number. Stunning!

  • Best: Reese Witherspoon


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    The curve-hugging, teal Calvin Klein gown Reese Witherspoon chose couldn't have been more perfect for her coloring. 'Course we couldn't help but take notice of all the Harry Winston bling she wore and her edgy new asymmetrical hair cut, as well!

  • Best: Lupita Nyong'o


    Image via Gabriel Olsen/Getty

    Now, THIS is how you make an entrance! 12 Years a Slave star and Best Supporting Actress nominee Lupita Nyong'o wowed the crowd in this Ralph Lauren red dress, complete with a cape! Yes!

  • Best: Margot Robbie


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    The Wolf of Wall Street star may be a self-described "rookie" in Hollywood, but she's got couture down pat, judging from her choice of this off-the-charts beautiful white Gucci gown, complete with a high-slit and the perfect amount of bodice bling that coordinated with her green pumps. Love!

  • Best: Cate Blanchett


    Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

    Picking up the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for Blue Jasmine, Cate also scored high praise for her incredibly glam black lace Armani Couture dress.

  • Worst: Jennifer Lawrence


    Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

    Okay, I know we all love us some JLaw, but this was just ... no. What looks like white tulle plus electrical tape dress by Christian Dior reminds me of a tampon ... and has already inspired a hilarious meme called "Lawrencing."

  • Worst: Julia Roberts


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    We know she doesn't HAVE to care, because she's Julia freaking Roberts, but this awkward Dolce & Gabbana "combo" gown looks like she couldn't choose between two different outfits. It's also terribly aging. SO bad!

  • Worst: Drew Barrymore


    Image via Jason Merritty/Getty

    Again, I love Drew Barrymore and she's glowing and pregnant, plus flowers are her thing, so it pains me to have to rip her. This Monique Lhuillier floral frock kinda makes me think of a cat lady's creepy drapes that haven't been updated since 1975.

  • Worst: Emma Watson


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    Just like Julia Roberts, Emma Watson attempted to pull off two outfits in one with this ill-advised "hybrid" look from Christian Dior. Horrible. Next time, pants or a dress, sweetheart -- you have to choose.

  • Worst: Paula Patton


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

    Ugh! We know Paula Patton aka Mrs. Robin Thicke likes to stand out on the red carpet, but what in the WORLD was the presenter thinking with this Lady Gaga-esque Kleenex dress by Stephane Rolland Couture? We might have even been able to forgive the fact that she couldn't walk in the skintight cream number if it had been sans that whole side-ruffle disaster.

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