How to Tuck Jeans Into Boots in 4 Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

tucking jeans into bootsSome style tricks look easier than they actually are. For instance, although wearing knee-high boots over jeans has been in for a few years now, I know it's taken me a while to get a grasp on the best technique! But I'm here to share -- and illustrate -- exactly how it is done for the best, most stylish effect!

First off, a few pointers: The look does definitely work better with straight, skinny jeans or jeggings, if you can get on board with those! (One super-easy to wear, flattering pair from American Eagle.) Boot cut jeans are doable, too, and we'll explore what you need to do differently if you're attempting to tuck those! Also, you will need the following: Your jeans, mid-calf or knee-high length and fitted (aka not bulky, bunchy) socks, and boots that have some room at the shaft.

Okay, now let's rock this look!

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Marcella Shambles

Another way of doing it, and it helps avoid the baggy knee look:  Get saftery pins, the elastic things that hold on sheets (or just some pieces of elastic about 5 inches long), roll up jeans based on elastic length and your comfort, pin pieces of elastic in a stirup fashion to your jeans, slide elastic over your heels so it rests in the arch of your foot, adjust lenghths to make sure it pulls your jeans back down when you stand up, but doesn't stretch uncomfortably with legs bent.  Socks can go over or under, I prefer under so the elastic doesn't rub my foot.


youth... youthfulsoul

Or they can bring back stir up pants haha

Knitt... KnittyTina

Fun!  The other day I only had boot leg jeans that were clean to wear and was having a hard time with the bunches while trying to stuff it all into my boots.  It looked weird when I was done but went on with my day since I wasn't about to sport gym shoes in the three feet of snow over here.   I like the sock technique and will try that next time.  Good tip!

Angie Bugaj Stickley

Actually, the best invention I've come across is these.......  Been using them for the last couple years and love them!  They help to keep your pants from pulling up out of the boots when you sit down. I dislike seeing bunchy jeans at the knee.  I recommend them to all my friends.

nonmember avatar GoSvrita Sita

If this article was written by Maressa, why are the photos of a Filipina?

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