How to Tuck Jeans into Boots in 4 Easy Steps

Maressa Brown | Jan 11, 2014 Beauty & Style
How to Tuck Jeans into Boots in 4 Easy Steps

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Some style tricks look easier than they actually are. For instance, although wearing knee-high boots over jeans has been in for a few years now, I know it's taken me a while to get a grasp on the best technique! But I'm here to share -- and illustrate -- exactly how to tuck those jeans into boots for the best, most stylish effect. No other methods need to be used after this one is nailed. 

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First off, a few pointers: The look does definitely work better with straight, skinny jeans or jeggings, if you can get on board with those! (Here's one super-easy to wear, flattering pair from American Eagle.) Boot cut jeans are doable, too, and we'll explore what needs to be done differently when attempting to tuck those! Also, the following is needed: A pair of jeans of course, mid-calf or knee-high length and fitted (aka not bulky or bunchy) socks, and boots that have some room at the shaft.

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Once you have what you need, it will only take a minute to perfect this look. Afterwards, it will be super easy to create very stylish looks this fall and winter.

Okay, now let's rock this look! All is takes is a few easy steps! 

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  • Step 1: Cuffing


    Once you've got your jeans on, if they are on the longer side, you'll need to cuff them -- kinda like you might if you're getting a pedicure -- so the bottom of the pants leg hits  at your ankle.

  • Step 2: Grasping


    This step depends a lot on how much material you have at the bottom of your jean. Boot cut jeans require major grasping, because there's all that extra fabric at the bottom, while skinny jeans and jeggings especially do not require much grasping at all.

    Basically, you just grasp any extra fabric at the side seam inside your calf and then fold the material vertically so it is nice and snug around your calf.

  • Step 3: Socking it up


    Now, while maintaining the folded material snug against your calf, you want to put your slim-fitting sock over the jean.

  • Step 3 continued: Now you're socked!


    Once you've completed step 3, you've prepped the perfect foundation for ... the BOOT!

  • Step 4: Slipping on the boot


    Now, you can slip your socked leg into your knee-high boot shaft ...

  • Step 4 continued: Pull 'em up ...


    Pull 'em up all the way!

  • So it looks like this!


    One leg down, one more to go ...

  • Voila -- all set!


    And now, you're ready to take this super-cute look to the streets!

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