Grown Women Can Now Wear Disney Princess Lingerie (PHOTOS)

I didn't grow up loving princesses and all-things pastel, but I've seen most Disney princess films and have absolutely nothing against these cherished characters. My daughter learned to sip juice from a Cinderella cup, and we sometimes read Snow White before bedtime. So, no princess issues for me.

But as a grown woman, I leave the tiara-wearing and princess love to my toddler. So when I found out that one Japanese company named Bellemaison makes sexy Disney-themed lingerie for adult women, I chalked it up to "things I don't understand and never will." But I couldn't help wanting to get another glimpse. 


The company's "Disney Fantasy Shop" features four $38 bra and panty options. You can choose among the following princesses: Cinderella, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, or Rapunzel

I'm pleased to say this isn't at all what I expected. These bras and panties are very pretty and don't scream "Disney Princess." In other words, no photos of Prince Charming or any of the princesses appear on the crotch, thank God.

Still, I find it odd that grown women would look to Disney for sexy fashion inspiration. Or is the point not to be sexy, but to feel like a princess yourself? This lingerie isn't far off from most that you see in stores, so I could understand wearing it, but wouldn't go out of my way to buy it because of the Disney connection.

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And I can't help but wonder if many men would be turned on by this lingerie because it was inspired by cartoon characters that are pure as the driven snow. After asking my husband what he would think, he sort of scrunched up his face in horror and told me that if I'd worn it our first time "together," it would probably be our last time together. You'll notice how he didn't say it would totally break the deal.

Would you wear lingerie inspired by Disney princesses? 


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