Jessica Simpson's Orange Glow Shows How NOT to Spray Tan (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonBefore I go any further, let me say that she looks absolutely amazing six months after giving birth to her second child. She obviously worked her ass off to whip herself back into shape. But after seeing photos of Jessica Simpson in New York City for her Good Morning America appearance, it's very clear that she went a little overboard with the spray tan before going on camera.

OMG, you guys ... she's orange! I really don't mean to sound cruel or disrespectful, but she really has a little bit of the Oompa Loompa thing going on.


And I know that she probably didn't want to look pasty on TV and that every woman looks thinner with a tan, but sometimes venturing into the spray booth can leave us looking, well, a bit on the fake side. Especially in the middle of winter in the Northeast. No, scratch that. It doesn't really matter where you're walking around with a spray tan this week. Having a bronzed glow in the middle of this polar vortex makes you look like you overdosed on carrots in any part of the country.

Ugh. Maybe she should've allowed a few extra days in between her airbrush session and her trip to NYC? Either that ... or Jess could've gone out on a limb and ditched the tan altogether for her appearance. She's such a natural beauty -- I highly doubt anyone would've noticed if she looked like she hadn't been in the sun in a while.

Again ... she still looks great. But this definitely serves as a reminder to all of us that if a tan isn't acquired naturally, odds are good it isn't going to look very natural.

Do you get spray tans in winter?


Image via Splash

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