6 Ways to Look Pretty When You Have a Nasty Cold

coldAre you okay? You look at little, eh, sick in the face. I mean, you're still beautiful, but your nose is all red; your skin pale; and, no offense, it looks like you haven't slept in months.

Like most of America, you have a cold! These horrendously low temperatures can mean one thing and one thing only: Sickies abound!

But just because you're feeling under the weather doesn't mean you have to look it. No, nothing can quite compare to a perfectly clear nasal passage and eight glorious hours of sleep, but it is possible to look pretty when you've got a nasty cold. Pinky swear. Here's how:

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  • How to Look Good When You're Sick!


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  • Get the Right Tissues


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    Okay, let's start with the boring stuff: Tissues. I see you in your house, desperate to wipe your nose, so you grab the nearest thing -- a paper towel or a napkin. Stop it! It's only making your nose more red and chapped. Just invest in a few boxes of moisturizing Kleenex. It's totally worth it.

  • Break Out the Bronzer


    Fact: When you're sick, you're paler than usual. So break out the bronzer. No need to go Snooki on your face, but something that will warm up your complexion and bring your skin color back to the land of the living.

  • Put Eye Pads or Eye Cream in the Fridge




    If you want to get fancy, I highly urge you to buy SK-II Signs Eye Mask. It works. But if you don't feel like shelling out upward of $100 on an eye mask (understandable), try putting your eye cream in the fridge for a bit. The cool cream will temporarily tighten the area around your eye and depuff. And it feels really nice.

  • Mascara: Load It On




    I typically abide by the "less is more" philosophy when it comes to makeup. But not when it's mascara, and not when I'm sick.

    Our eyes, which were once limpid pools of health, become two watery holes in our heads when we're sick. We need to make 'em pop. Give 'em life again. The rest of our face will thank us.

    (Can never go wrong with Benefit's They're Real!)

  • Tinted Moisturizer


    If foundation or cover-up is normally your best friend, may I suggest switching to a tinted moisturizer for the duration of your cold? Your nose is likely chapped from all the wiping and blowing, and the only thing ickier than flaky skin is flaky skin with flaky makeup. Moisturize, people!


  • Eye Drops


    You're sick ---> you're not sleeping ---> you need something to take the red out. That simple.


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