'Bikini Bridge' Selfies May Go Viral So We Tried Them Ourselves!

There have definitely been some odd beauty trends over the years. One of the worst is "thinspiration" -- the cult of thinness, wherein young women starve themselves so they can get things like protruding collarbones, concave stomachs, thigh gaps, and the latest thintacular body attribute: Bikini bridges.


A bikini bridge is the view of your stomach, waist, and legs when you're lying down, wearing a bikni and taking a selfie. Your bikini bottom should stretch along your thigh bones, creating a "bridge" of fabric along your pubic area. There should be a small space between that and the fabric.

Although rumor has it that the "bikini bridge" trend is actually a hoax on the media, there is no denying that there is a bikini bridge tumblr page, and people share bikini bridge photos on Twitter. So maybe it's not exactly sweeping the nation, but does seem to be yet another weird thing some women concern themselves with.

Here's a few examples:


This is the sort of weird thing that can ONLY been seen if YOU are taking the photo. A new kind of selfie. It's got less to do with thinspiration and beauty than with the usual obsession with chronicling one's existence.

However, the bikini bridge does offer some perks. Like you can hold things in them. I could totally see putting a margarita right there under the bridge's arch.

Other things you could hold in your bikini bridge (thank you unnamed Stir staffer who is not me):



Aw, cute legos! Wonder where they are headed?

Do you have a bikini bridge? Do you care?


Images via bikinibridge/tumblr

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