Kim Kardashian’s Latest Insanely Low-Cut Top Is Just Too Much (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian seems to have a standard outfit these days. Tight pencil skirts, the lowest of low-cut tops you can find, no bra, and a trench or fur coat. It's her thing. It's as if moments after she gave birth to Nori, she was captured by a famous trench coat maker and anti-bra lobbyist and hypnotized. And thus, the new Kim was born.

But what Kim also seems to be into these days is dressing unseasonably. She was seen frolicking around in chilly New York yesterday in, yes, a pencil skirt, low-cut top, and coat like it was a warm spring day in Paris. Even the colors she was wearing -- whites, pastels -- made it seem like she hadn't ripped off the pages of her Kittens of the World calendar in five months. (RIP Mercy.) What the hell has gotten into this woman?


I'm guessing Kimmy's trying to reinvent herself. Has to be, right? Her style has completely changed -- the hair; the heavier makeup; the clothes -- since she's become a mom/gotten engaged. She's almost unrecognizable lately! It's like she's both more and less classy than she was a few months ago all at the same time. The lady's a real enigma, I tell ya.

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Personally, I'm surprised Kim's still keeping up with the cleavage-flaunting/coat thing. She's been going hard at this for a few months now. I thought for sure she would have moved on to something else at this point. Like, I dunno, maxi dresses with butt cheek cut-outs? I'm just spitballing here.

I guess this is all just an unnecessarily long-winded way of me saying I'm tired of Kim's style and I wish she'd change it up. Like, now.

That's all. Amen.

What do you think of Kim's new look?

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