Courtney Stodden Goes Makeup-Free but Is Anyone Looking at Her Face? (PHOTO)

courtney stoddenCourtney Stodden is a woman of many looks. At only 19 years young, she managed to make herself look way older than her years and perhaps that had something to do with being married to suspected creep 53-year-old Doug Hutchison. When they split up after two and a half years of marriage, we were all shocked. Right? I sure was. 

Courtney seems to be doing well post-breakup. So well in fact she's dyed her hair and is confident enough to go makeup-free for the world to see on Twitter. Still, if you saw the whole photo, no one is really looking at her face. Let's review.


Ta da!


Oh Court. I knew about these implants even though you really didn't need them, but to see them all out on display like this .... well, maybe you want to attract more creeps. But I get it. You're single. Maybe nursing a broken heart a little bit -- the end of a marriage is hard. I'm going through it right now and I can absolutely relate. But ... wait a minute. Courtney is 19. I take it all back. Go on, girl! Be proud! Take sexy selfies! Show off the very pretty no makeup look you have going on, but don't question when no one notices the makeup-free look because wow that's some support bra.

What do you think of Courtney's makeup-free look? Or are you too busy looking at other things?

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