Jenny McCarthy Ditches Her Hair Extensions to Seem Less 'Fake' (PHOTO)

Jenny McCarthyWell, well, well -- somebody's got herself a brand new 'do to show off these days. Jenny McCarthy cut her hair into a bob, kicking her long extensions to the curb once and for all. (Or at least for the time being.)

After telling her followers to turn on The View to check out her shorter locks, she posted this photo to Twitter debuting her new style and captioned it with, "Glad u like the chop! Thanks!"

Amid the whole controversy that went down last weekend over whether or not Jenny's son is really autistic -- I'm sure having people talk about her hair instead of her kid is a welcome change for sure.

Huh. Maybe that's part of the reason she chopped it off?


Maybe, maybe not. But regardless, deciding to lose the extensions is definitely a winning move on her part. And according to Jenny, she made the big switch simply because she was "tired of the extensions," and added, "I wanted to feel a little more authentic this year."

Amen to that. Sure ... they look great and all (sometimes) -- but I really don't understand why women get extensions in the first place. There's nothing at all natural about them, and anyone who is remotely acquainted with you obviously knows that your hair didn't grow several inches on its own overnight. (Nothing says fake like going from shoulder-length to hair that reaches the middle of your back in a matter of hours.)

Don't you think Jenny looks 1,000 times better with this chic bob of her own hair instead of the longer, faux look? She looks way more sophisticated and way less "I'm trying to look like I'm 21 again" ... don't you think?

Love her or hate her, Jenny's hair should definitely serve as a reminder that when it comes to looking our best, the natural route is the only way to go.

Have you ever had extensions?


Image via Twitter

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