The Hoodsie & 7 Other Weird Ways to Act Like Your Child (PHOTOS)

hoodsieYou guys, I just found the very thing that's been missing from our lives. Ready? It's the Hoodsie: A hooded onesie for adults. Because why should your baby have all the fun? Maybe you like having to fully undress every time you go to the bathroom. I'm ordering mine today! Wait, no I'm not. Imma try and hold onto my adult dignity just a little bit longer. But as long as we're dreaming, here are 7 other kiddie staples we'd like adult versions of.

  • The Hoodsie


    Support the Hoodsie Kickstarter for just $55 and get your own. Plus help realize a millennial's dream. Yay.

  • Twinkle Toes


    Maybe I want shiny, light-up sneakers, too! It gets dangerous here in NYC after dark.

  • Toilet Paper Warmer


    Okay, so we have baby wipe warmers. And true, toilet paper doesn't actually get cold. But wouldn't it be amazing to have warm toilet paper? You know, kind of?

  • Moses Basket Bed


    Imagine a king-size Moses basket bed! Right? I don't know how you'd get in and out of it. I haven't thought the idea all the way through yet. But come on, sleeping in a basket. That's so dope!

  • Rody Bouncy Horse


    This would be such a hit at my parties. Right? A room full of these and some rum punch.

  • Pacifier Clip


    Okay, maybe I don't use a pacifier anymore. But isn't there some other stuff you carry around with you all the time that usually goes in your mouth that you don't want to lose? I'm thinking your cup of iced coffee, your pens, your "medical" muscle relaxer pipe ...

  • Stroller Sleeping Bag


    Those stroller sleeping bags always look so cozy, right? Except now that you're an adult, everyone expects you to walk around on your legs. But guess what? You can enjoy all the cozy with this item that actually does exist for grownups, the Napsack! Yes, you can walk around in that thing.

  • Hug Me Sweater


    I was joking about all the other stuff here. But seriously? I would love it if this sweater with sewn-on mittens came in my size.

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