70-Year-Old Woman Who Looks 30 Reveals Her Age-Defying Beauty Secret (VIDEO)

annette larkinsThe Fountain of Youth. As my age has crept north of 30, I have been on a search for it at the bottom of wrinkle creams and serums. However, I have been looking in the wrong place. A septuagenarian grandmother has seemingly defied the effects of time. She looks closer to 30 than 70 and shares how and why she looks so amazingly young. 


Annette Larkins not only looks good, she is in exceptional health. At a time when her contemporaries are suffering from a plethora of illnesses, like diabetes, cancer, arthritus and more, she is in near perfect shape. Her miracle cure? Food.

She eats what she grows. Larkin keeps a plentiful garden filled with fruits, vegetables, and spices. She also collects rain water to drink and water her plants. She considers herself a raw vegan, which means she does not eat anything processed or cooked. She also juices and drinks wheatgrass -- one of her specialties. Everything that goes in her mouth is fresh, fresh, fresh. And that has essentially frozen time. She doesn't even have wrinkles.

When she started the diet decades ago, she tried to convince her husband to join her. He refused and now regrets it. When they go out together, people often think he is her father or grandfather.  He takes prescription medicine daily for high blood pressure and diabetes, while his wife never even has to take an aspirin.

Strangers have been so amazed by what she has been able to do, they often ask her for advice. Larkins has produced a booklet and DVD sharing her beauty secrets with the world. It may sound daunting to meat lovers or those who can't imagine a morning without their breakfast sandwich, but just look at Larkins.

You don't necessarily have to go as extreme as she has to reap benefits. You can start with small steps. Cut down on red meat and pork, fill your plate with mostly fruits and vegetables, cut back on grains. Pick up fresh foods at the farmer's market or organic grocery store. And making yourself a fruit and veggie packed smoothie is easy. It's certainly worth a try if it means defying father time.

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What age-defying treatments or diets have you tried?

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