Maci Bookout Takes Surprising, Sexy Twist With Evening Wear (PHOTO)

maci bookoutTeen Mom star Maci Bookout made headlines galore when she hit up Miami last week and was photographed sans Bentley, clearly getting her adult funtimes on ... Maci was spied puffing away on cigarettes, swiggin' drinks, and rocking an "Off-Duty" tee. But the paparazzi didn't get a glimpse of what she wore on New Year's Eve!

Maci herself reserved the honor of sharing a snap of that look on Instagram, which was 100 percent South Beach and 150 percent jaw-dropping. Check it out ...


First off, whoa, hello, skinny mama. Who knew she was that tiny? It's a bit insane. But also, are those the tiniest, non-Daisy Duke shorts you've ever seen or what? Still, she has the legs to rock 'em, so go, girl!

I'm actually kinda loving how she rocked this unconventional twist on evening wear. We usually think of New Year's Eve clubbing attire as a sexy minidress or maybe dark pants paired with a sexy top. But she managed to dress up shorts! Well-played. Although, this isn't exactly a look most of us can replicate at home, what with temps being ice cold across most of the country right now. But it still inspires ideas for how to switch up how we dress up ...

For instance, this could really work well with skinny black jeans and knee-high boots or heels. Or to replicate the conservative, dressy look of the shorts while being winter-appropriate, you could do a pair of "tuxedo" or black dress pants.

That said, for New Year's on Miami Beach, Maci's look hit it out of the park. Too bad most of the country will just have to wait 'til it warms up to bear that much skin!

What do you think about Maci's New Year's outfit?


Image via FAMAPRESS/Splash News

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