Charlize Theron's Crazy New Hair May Be All Sean Penn’s Fault

Charlize TheronIt would be impossible to make someone as gorgeous as Charlize Theron ugly -- well, okay, I guess she managed that feat in her makeup for her Oscar-winning turn in Monster. But in real life? With that alabaster skin and fabulous body and those blond locks? Well, all it might take is a particularly bad hairdo. Not that it makes Charlize ugly -- but it definitely makes her human. Sorta like soccer mom human. Check out the photo of Charlize's latest 'do.


This is Carol Brady Hair. It’s suburban '80s mom hair. Charlize's version is super short, over-dyed, and over-permed with a weird front curl on top -- probably the worst of her styles since she chopped her hair off a while ago.

Could this be the influence of rumored boyfriend Sean Penn? If Kanye West has turned Kim Kardashian into a walking selfie-gram, perhaps Sean has turned Charlize into a no-nonsense English teacher. This hair just screams, "I'm here to be taken seriously, dammit."

The photo was taken as Charlize came of Starbucks while Sean waited for her in her car. They then reportedly returned to her house and Sean spent the night there. Even with that hair. That hair doesn't exactly scream "ravage me" so Sean must respect her for her mind.

Charlize is a mom now to almost-2-year-old Jackson, and it's only fitting that she prefer an easier hairstyle. But did she have to go so staid?

Charlize could still have short hair without it looking so unstylish. I mean, anything would be better than this cut, really. But, hey, if she and Sean are happy ...

Do you like her cut?


Image via CharlizeAfrica/Instagram

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