Kim Kardashian's Sexy Booty Shot Drives Her Haters Wild (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Selfie

Kim Kardashian's butt has officially rendered me speechless. Just when we all thought Kim's white bathing suit selfie was the selfie to end ALL selfies, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has gone and outdone herself ... twice. The 33-year-old reality star had no qualms about showing off her post-pregnancy weight loss late last night alongside galpal Blac Chyna (man, I need a nickname). Standing side-by-side in what seems to be her endless closet, Kim and Blac Chyna showed off their skinny figures from the front AND the back.

Naturally, Kim Kardashian's steamy backside selfie is causing quite the splash. Commenter on the star's Instagram feed swear that the images are Photoshopped and that both backsides are "full of silicon plastic."

Before we go any further, it's time I show you what this looks like from the back:

I told you so. Overwhelming? Yeah, that's an understatement.

Personally I think it's all real and Kim looks damn good, even if she's showing off a little more skin than normal. The woman's got an hourglass figure that's amazeballs, and thank goodness she owns a pair of black leggings that aren't too sheer to cover up the goods.

Kim's worked crazy hard to get back her pre-baby body. Who are we to judge her for wanting to show things off? Remember: we're talking about Kim Kardashian here. The same Kim Kardashian whose been on a rampage of sheer, revealing outfits over the past two months.

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The fact that so many commenters are criticizing her for flaunting her figure (many are calling her trashy, unattractive, and fake) is expected. But if Kim took a step back from the spotlight and hid her frame -- I'm sure people would have something to say about that, too.

Do you think Kim's oversharing here?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram

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Willi... Willie24622

Now if she's just stop letting Kanye dress her. I don't care how cutting edge he thinks he is. He makes her look terrible. When she dressed herself she looked way better. She chose pieces that complimented her figure. The crap he picks makes her look short and dumpy. 

Mark Cox

my soul is hurt cause people keep talking bout my body..i gonna lead a more private life so people dont talk about my body...oh here is another shot of my body

WB18 WB18

Good for her.  After her month of privacy and swearing off the media after having the baby (which I'm sure had NOTHING to do with recovery from plastic surgery), she now is inspiring women everywhere to starve themselves and forgo spending time with their babies to work out or go on tour with her fiance.  Inspiring.

tiafez tiafez

she's no longer some reality tv sleep-around girl, she's a Mother and over 30. Time to act it. I don't get the love affair with this woman. we should teach young ladies to be proud of themselves and their minds. We should encourage them to follow their dreams and to be all they can be. We should terach them to love who they are and to have pride in everything they do. That looks really aren't important and that a slim (not photoshopped like this wavy pic above) body is nice but it's not what's important in life. 


and then we have Kim Kardashian who saw some other young lady getting praise for a pic yeaterday and felt so insecure and unimportant that she had to fire off a few fake pics to build herself up in her mind. Inner beauty cannot be bought or sculpted by a plastic surgeon, a beautiful soul cannot be photo shopped and if all you think you are is a hot butt then that's all people will remember you for.

"Kim Kardashian? oh yeah, she had a big butt." what a legacy. 

adamat34 adamat34

Who would want her big ass.....its revolting in my opinion


Ew... She's a hobbit.

Kierr... KierraJanae29

Blac chynas but is so fake that it look like butt pads lol

BGarcel BGarcel

While the Kardashian women are not what i think is the ideal female role model for my daughters, I'm not going to go on a holy crusade against anything related to them and bar any access my daughter could have on them. Teaching your daughters values is all well and good as long as its not sanctimonious. We mothers must keep a level head about these things.

Anyway, her body looks nice. She has an hourglass figure which I can tell you is hard as hell to keep in shape. If she had butt implants that saddens me a bit. However, if breast implants on a woman does not disgust me then why should butt implants do?

teata... teatahvig

NOW THAT IS PIGGY !!!! UHG ! Never could any human think that , that

junk is beautiful !

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