9 Practical Snow & Rain Boots That Are Actually Pretty Too (PHOTOS)

Brrr..it's cold outside! As if it isn't difficult enough to decide what to wear any old day of the week, it becomes nearly impossible once snow begins falling and temperatures dip into the 30s, 20s, or -- gasp -- teens and single digits! And while we still may be perfecting our ability to effectively layer without looking like Eskimos, one clothing item doesn't have to be such a headache AND can make your entire winter outfit: an amazing pair of snow/rain boots.


When it comes to boots, there are the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly (seriously, keep gladiator boots far away from me). We've selected some of the finest-looking boots that will also hold up in all kinds of treacherous weather conditions. Beauty + function = how can you go wrong? 


Image via 6pm.com

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