Hillary Clinton's New Bangs Don't Get Our Vote (PHOTO)

hillary clinton deblasio inaugurationHillary Clinton may be gearing up for another presidential bid in 2016, but all we can seem to talk about today is her latest commitment ... to a new hairstyle. Yup, like First Lady Michelle Obama before her and like her former early '90s self when she was in the White House, Hillary has taken another stab at bangs. She debuted the new look at the inauguration of New York City's new mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday, and the result is ... well, speaking of taking stabs, I'm already cringing at the thought of what late night talk show hosts are likely going to say. It's pretty much an all-out bang fail.

Not quite sure what her stylist was thinking, but the bangs do absolutely zilch for Hill's face shape and overall look. Dare I say it? I actually preferred her shorter, 2008 campaign trail 'do or even her scrunchies over this! (My fave by far, though, was when she wore it long, circa mid-2012/"Texts From Hillary.")


But as ill-advised as the bangs may have been, let's remember to rip the hair, not the woman, eh? Let's not fall into the trap of raving out about the "ugly," new hairstyle of a woman in politics when we know full well there's rarely similar commentary about men. When's the last time we were as hung up as a nation on John Boehner's latest faux tan or Rand Paul's toupees as we're sure to be on Hillary's bangs? ... Yeah, that's what I thought.

At any rate, give the woman a break. Maybe she's too damn busy with philanthrophy, book writing, endgame-plotting, etc., to worry about her hair. She wanted to try something new for the New Year, and that was that. They'll grow. Let's not make it like we haven't all been there, contending with a hairstyle gone wrong! Which we would all agree is exponentially more likely to occur when you're running around trying to save -- or, you know, maybe even run -- the world.

What do you think about Hillary's new look?


Image via Spencer Platt/Getty

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