Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve Outfit Is More Offensive Than Her Twerking

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus showed up in Times Square for Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest wearing a gold-sequined two-piece with high-waisted pants. But what was really eye-grabbing was her incredibly long white fur coat. At one point, she even had three people holding it for her. Granted, New York City was quite chilly that night and Miley wanted to keep warm. I guess she decided to do it by wearing a bunch of cruelly slaughtered and skinned animals. Oh and Miley, sometimes they are not even slaughtered before they are skinned.


The gold outfit was made by The Blonds, but it's unclear if they made the coat too. What does seem to be pretty clear is that the fur isn't faux-fur.

Miley, Miley, Miley, so disappointed ... This from the girl who has four rescue dogs? Who clearly seems to understand that animals have feelings, that they experience pain, and that they want to live as much as you or I do? Am I missing something??

Miley, did you know a lot of animals are actually still breathing when they are skinned for their fur? Do you know they spend their lives in cramped cages, just waiting for the day that someone will grab them by the neck, electrocute them (usually with an electric rod up the ass), and then skin them whether they can still feel it or not? Look it up.

I scrolled through Miley's Twitter feed looking for any nugget I could that this was a fake fur coat -- but didn't find anything. So I just have to assume for now that it's real. If I'm wrong, hopefully Miley will let me know.

I felt kind of bad for Miley this year. The girl took so much crap on the chin -- yet when I saw her on Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People, I thought she sounded mature and sensible. I thought she had a good message for women -- despite all of her writhing around nude and half nude, tongue lolling out. Hey, Gene Simmons did the tongue way before Miley and everyone thought that was cool.

But now I see that Miley has a streak of cruelty. I seriously would not have expected this from a woman with four rescue dogs.

However, let me confess that about five years ago, in a moment when I'd had a tad too much to drink, I bought a leather coat. That was the first leather I'd bought in ages, and the last. Also, I bought UGG boots last winter. So I know how difficult it is to be totally animal-free. In fact, when it comes to shoes and belts especially, it can be almost impossible.

But a big old blazing white fur coat, worn on national television, well, that's not just "Gee, this wool sweater probably came from sheep that don't spend their lives grazing peacefully in the sun ..." It's just so flagrant. 

Miley joked about the ensemble, "This is the most clothes I've worn all year." Miley, you looked better naked.

Do you wear fur?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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