Katie Holmes Wears Tiny Bikini Most Moms Wouldn't Dare Attempt (PHOTO)

Katie Holmes

Gah. Somebody obviously didn't overindulge on Christmas cookies last week. Check out Katie Holmes' bangin' bikini body, which she showed off while sunning herself by the pool in Miami. (And while rockin' the side boob, if I might add.)

While Suri played around, Katie appeared as though she didn't have a care in the world. Based on the stretch she appears to be taking in this photo, she's clearly digging the whole relaxation thing. (Who can blame her?)


It's kind of tough to tell from this pic since she's lying down -- but that's no ordinary two-piece Katie is wearing. Or should I say ... those aren't your average everyday scoop bottoms. Nope. They're boy shorts. Teeny-tiny boy shorts ... but boy shorts, nonetheless.

Um ... have you ever tried a pair of those things on? I have. And let's just say it definitely wasn't the prettiest sight I'd ever laid eyes on. Those bottoms pinch. And ride up. And hug you in all the wrong places in all the wrong ways. Pulling them off as a woman is tough enough -- but add having had a baby into the mix, and this style of swimwear becomes virtually impossible to look hot in.

Unless you're Katie Holmes, apparently. You can't wear something like this if you have any sort of jiggly or loose bits going on, so I guess we can assume keeping fit is a huge priority for her these days. Well ... that and getting her vacation on.

Would you dare to wear this style of bikini?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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