Kylie Jenner Does Total Transformation From Girl Next Door to 'Goth'

Kylie Have I told you lately how much I love Kylie Jenner? Because it is a lot. Kylie just shared a pic on her Instagram featuring the latest evolution in her ever-changing take on makeup. Like many a Kardashian before her (I see you Khloe Kardashian and also Kim Kardashian), Kylie's goth-phase is in full-force. She is wearing it so well she almost puts Morticia Addams to shame. Sorry 'Tish! 

Kylie's definitely taken a page from Kim's book looks-wise. She's like her sister's Mini-Me -- and just as likely to scheme about world domination. The key to this look is one Kim is way familiar with: It's all about the lashes. It's kind of crazy how the long, dark, full lashes on her top and bottom lids transform Kylie into a little Kim clone. 


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I think Kylie's got more blue under-tones in her skin. That can definitely help make a pale complected look like the one she's trying here a lot more successful. I cannot get over how awesome her dark berry lipstick is! It's so rich in hue that it's almost black. But by not actually using a black lip shade, she's keeping the look so much more contemporary.


Not that her whole appearance doesn't pay homage to days of yore. For example, check out her '90s era choker! The gold hardware keeps the necklace from looking too costume-like, something that can happen all too easily with outfits like this. Kylie opted for an intense (all Morticia-approved) black top. To make the look more everyday wearable, she could have totally gone with a Merlot-colored shirt. The inner '90s girl in me is soooo glad that this color is having a major comeback and would love to see a KDash girl jump on its bandwagon. 

Morticia Addams

Do you like Kylie's dramatic look or prefer her standard makeup?

Image via Instagram/Instagram/Tumblr

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