Gwyneth Paltrow Finally Looks Frumpy in Not-So-Flattering Outfit

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those celebrities we moms love to hate and hate to love. She just almost always seems like she’s completely out of touch with the reality of normal motherhood over in GOOP-world, all the while touting that she’s one of us!

Sorry Gwyn, us mere mortals don’t have the time or resources to trot the globe, workout for hours a day, or spend a week’s salary on a gift for a mom-friend just because she deserves to be pampered. But recently Ms. Paltrow rocked an article of clothing that is the epitome of momliness.


Gwyneth’s perfection can be a bit overwhelming at times, to say the least. Which is why is was so refreshing to see her earlier this month traipsing through JFK airport without any makeup.

Bless her heart, but she did not look her best that day. She looked … well … like a normal parent might look while traveling with kids. Just blah and tired and completely like a thinner, blonder version of almost any mom.

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Now it gets even better, believe it or not. The A-lister has been spotted in -- wait for it -- mom jeans.

While shopping in Brentwood recently, Gwyneth rocked some drawstring denim duds that were duds indeed. They’re high-waisted but not in a high-fashion way. They feature giant pockets and absolute shapelessness through the thigh and knee. And they taper.

Gwyneth Paltrow wore mom jeans.

Thanks Gwyn, you’re getting closer to being a regular mom every day, and I for one love yah for it.

What's your frumpiest article of clothing that you only break out on laundry day?


Image via eLANA tUBARO/Flickr

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