Julia Roberts Was Once Told to Get Rid of Her 'Dirtiest' Feature

Julia RobertsWhether it's your thighs, your boobs, your lack of boobs, your nose or your chin, most women wish there was something about themselves they could change. Or, even if they are perfectly happy with themselves, someone somewhere suddenly decides that some body part needs to look this way or that way, and suddenly you're insecure! For instance, this year taught me that women covet thigh gaps and short labias, something it never occured to me until I read that I should be thinking about. Luckily (or not so luckily) there's some reassurance that all of this is complete and utter madness. Because even one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Julia Roberts, was once told there was something wrong with her!


Yes, if you can stomach it, a director once had the temerity to tell Julia Roberts -- JULIA! ROBERTS! -- that she should get two freckles from her face removed. TWO! FRECKLES!

He said they made her look "dirty." Wow. I wonder what this asshat looked like.

You can't really see freckles on Julia, but she does have a small one under her right eye. I always thought it was just the thing to make her slightly more human looking. No one sees to see a wax figure on the screen.

No wonder women are so damn insecure. Men, you complain because we're not wild vixens who want sex every night with the lights blazing. Wonder why???

Who shames a woman as gorgeous as Julia about two freckles?

Granted, her face does appear 20 feet high on the movie screen -- but had this director never laid eyes on Liz Taylor's mole? Or Marilyn Monroe's? And even if you have a very strong opinion about Julia's freckles, why would you use the word "dirty" to describe them?

Every female celeb has a story like this. I remember reading a book that talked about how one producer was freaking because he thought Gwyneth Paltrow, who had been cast in a movie he was financing, had no chin.

I think hearing this kind of thing is a big wakeup call for women. So a man doesn't like your ass, your big toe, your left eyebrow? Gee, you think the problem is you OR HIM?!

If there's a man out there somewhere who can find a flaw on Julia Roberts, then every single one of us will have a flaw somewhere. So embrace it. Julia did.

Do you have a "flaw" that you like?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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