Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox Look Jaw-Droppingly Hot in Sexy Bikinis (PHOTO)

jennifer anistonIs it the early '90s? It has to be the early '90s, because Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox went on vacation to Mexico recently, and oh my god, their bodies haven't aged a day! I swear, while looking at these smokin' hot photos of Cox and Aniston, I thought Gunther was going to pop out of a nearby tiki hut, drinking a latte from Central Perk!

What are these women eating?! And from what Beverly Hills plastic surgeon restaurant can we all get some?!


Courteney, who's 49 (!), and Aniston, who's 44, along with some friends (Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern -- random), are spending the holidays in sunny, warm Mexico, so naturally, their outfits of choice are bikinis. And if I may offer a suggestion, I think these ladies' outfits of choice should always be bikinis. Jen looked stunning in a plain, purple-y-colored string bikini, while Cox looked gorgeous in almost the identical bathing suit in navy blue.

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I don't doubt for a minute that both these ladies work hard for their age-defying bodies, but come on, girls, what else do you do? You can tell me; it's just the three of us here -- I swear I won't tell a soul. You don't want to spill? That's cool. Then at the very least can I come on next year's trip? No? Okay, that's cool, too. I'll just look at the pictures.

Jen and Courteney: Do you think they've had work done?

Image via Splash News

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