9 Ways to Wear Glitter Without Looking Like You Fell Off the Christmas Tree (PHOTOS)

If you can wear glittery makeup only one time a year, New Year's Eve is the night! That being said, the key to wearing glitter is to go easy: stick with one or two areas, and be subtle about it. Here are nine of my favorite techniques and products to add some sexy glimmer to your beauty look...

  • A Sparkly Wink


    Image via Greg Kessler/Kessler Studio for Jason Wu

    Lancôme makeup artist Diane Kendal created this gorgeous look for Jason Wu's runway show this past September and I am completely obsessed. You can actually just add glitter right over your eye makeup, like  Makeup For Ever glitter in metallic tan ($15 at Sephora.com). Or, you can try something even easier...

  • Glitter Eyeliner


    Image via Sephora.com

    I tried a swipe of glitter eyeliner to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve, and loved it! You can do a little bit for a subltle sparkle, or add a few coats to amp up the bling. Try Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, pictured here ($19 at Sephora) or NYX Liquid Crystal Liner. ($4.95 at NYC.com)

  • Glitter Eyeliner AND Mascara


    Image via Sephora

    Sephora Collection makes these great glitter eyeliner and mascara sets in 12 different shades. I think they're perfect for New Year's Eve! ($14 at Sephora.com)

  • Sexy Glitter Nails


    Image via LoveMaegan/Flickr

    Of course there are a bazillion and one ways to do a glitter manicure (and I support all of them!). But if you want to stick with something that's still got a sophisticated, sexy edge, I love this black and glitter French manicure. So easy to do!

  • The Body Shop's 'The Sparkler'


    Image via The Body Shop

    The packaging alone is enough to make me covet The Body Shop's The Sparkler, but it's more than just a pretty bottle. A few spritzes and you've got a lovely, shimmery glow. It smells lovely too. (On sale for $12 at The Body Shop!)

  • NARS "Super Orgasm" Blush


    Image via Sephora

    Oh NARS. The best. NARS "Super Orgasm" blush is an ultra-flattering shade with just a hint of glitter. Perfection. ($29 at Sephora)

  • Glitter Lips


    Image via RetroCinemaMakeup/YouTube

    There's a tutorial for how to create this pink glitter lip look, but it's pretty simple: just add a little glitter to whatever lipstick you're already planning to wear! Make Up Forever makes a line of glitters you can use on your face or body. ($15 at Sephora)

  • Glitter Lip Gloss


    Image via Sephora

    If dabbling in actual pots of glitter sounds like too much, try a pretty glittery gloss, like Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in "Sweet Mauve Sparkling" -- aka a glittery pinkish purple. ($14 at Sephora)

  • Shimmer Body Lotion


    Image via The Body Shop

    The Body Shop makes one of my all-time favorite shimmering body lotions, Cranberry Joy. It's not to sparkly that you look like a disco ball, but it's not so subtle that you can't see the shimmer. Such a pretty look to add to your chest and/or upper arms, or, if you're wearing a dress, your shins and calves. Hubba hubba! ($6 at The Body Shop)

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