Rihanna's Bizarre Beachy Blue Look Inspires Us All to Mix It Up

RihannaI don't really look to Rihanna as a model to how to live my life. I don't pop bottles, make out with Drake, or grind with strippers. Namely, because I am a staid, nerdy lady and not a hip, fabulous, edgy, partying rock star. But when I spotted the monochromatic blue beach look the singer was snapped wearing while on vacation in Barbados, it gave me pause. 

With her retro bikini bottoms and perfectly round blue sunglasses, I got the feeling that you don't have to be a salacious singer to take inspiration from what Rihanna's throwing down fashion-wise. No, I'm not suggesting we all take to the streets waggling our boobs around (then again, I mean, do you, boo). But I don't think what she's doing here would look that outlandish on anyone I know -- sexiness be damned! 


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I am being completely serious! Almost. I mean, from a practical perspective, Rihanna's bikini bottoms, being vintage in look, provide much more coverage than your average bikini bottom. If you want to go risque (at any age, be it 20 or 40 or 50), the key is balance. That's something Ri-Ri's got in spades here. The fuller bikini bottom elevates the look. I never thought I'd see the day I'd be saying a string bikini top and belly jewelry were sophisticated, but they are made so here because of the striking balance between the bottoms and the denim shirt slung over her shoulder.

Looks we traditionally view as "trashy" can look sleek and classy with not that much finessing. I am in full support of anyone who wants to wear a completely sheer top, even in a professional setting. Just pair it with a full-coverage bra and a more formal slack or longer skirt with opaque tights. 

With tattoos -- like Ri-Ri and I both have (I take back what I said before, we're basically twins) -- it's a little different. Since a tat isn't going anywhere, you learn how to style it over time. When I was but a youth, I bought tops to display my naked back and the tattoo upon it. Now that I'm less prone to flash that much blatantly naked back-meat (I get cold, y'all), I'm more likely to communicate through clothing what I wanted the tattoo to say. Wearing a fitted leather trouser or a professional blouse accented with metallic studs on the lapels lets folks know just who you are without you having to sacrifice your warmth. Or your dignity. 

What's the most risque fashion move you've ever tried?


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