Why They Discontinue Beauty Products

discontinued beauty products

Discontinued...only to be reborn!

Don't you hate it when your favorite shade of lipstick or styling gel gets discontinued? It can feel like the whole universe is thrown off kilter. OK, not that bad, but if a company has ever stopped making something you loved you may understand. There are a bunch of ladies in the group All About Hair and Makeup dishing about it.

In an effort to find out why products are discontinued, I went to the source, Karen Fuss-Zipp, VP of Marketing at Redken, for some answers.


There are three main reasons:

  • Declining sales
  • Improved technology to bring new benefits to an existing product
  • Change in hair trends

Karen says, "Consumers should not give up complete hope that products will not come back in one way shape or form or perhaps have the opportunity to better satisfy their needs. We had discontinued a product years back called Touch Control Volumizing foam and by popular demand, brought it back with some improvements a few years ago. There was another product called Solid Water that was positioned as a wet gel, but we found out from stylists that they were using it for curly hair. We then repackaged it, gave it a new name, Crystals Curls, and promoted it for different hair types."

Good to know! I'm glad to hear all the work and thought that goes into making and re-thinking our favorite products. What about you?

Have you even been victim to discontinued products?

Anything you wish they would bring back?

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