Lockets of Love

My mom has wanted a locket since her first grandchild was born, but my sister and I had a hard time finding one we liked in time for Mother's Day. I just found some that are super cute. I want one myself! Tricolor on Etsy has a vintage one with adorable charms and "I love you" message on front for just $22! I also found a neat necklace that has room for four photos.


Kuo Ting Engraved Hearts Locket

It's the Darla 4-Picture locket ($115, not pictured) from Heartsmith and they offer engraving, too. Kuo Ting makes an Engraved Hearts Locket ($88) that has sweet little fresh water pearls on the chain.

If you want to add some charms to your locket chain, Check out JBear74's shop on Etsy. She sells the cutest nature- and vintage-inspired additions, but the Hummel Children charm ($15) might be the cutest!

ErkNJrkCreations by JBear74

Send your friends and family this link if your birthday is coming up (wink wink).

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