6 Ways Having a Baby Makes Bra Shopping Less Embarrassing

I finally went bra shopping last weekend. It was needed, you guys. I had wires poking out of one or two of my old ones, and it seemed like my boobs were always either being smashed down or spilling out, depending on the style and cup size. I had a variety of band and cup sizes, and I was pretty sure none of them were right.

So I saved some money and ventured out of Victoria’s Secret and into the Nordstrom lingerie department, where the bra technicians (as they shall henceforth be called in my world) measured, poked, and lifted me into the best bras I’ve ever owned.


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Throughout the long, awkward, sometimes uncomfortable fitting, it occurred to me that serious bra shopping is something that giving birth had prepared me for. After all, once strangers have seen a baby come out of your “special place,” it’s a lot easier to go topless in a dressing room.

Here are six ways that giving birth prepared me to shop for the perfect bra.

Being nekkid in front of strangers no longer fazes you: To get properly fitted for a great bra, you’re going to have to get naked, or at least half-naked in front of a professional fitter. Hey, it’s better than everyone staring at your nether region.

Everything you thought you knew is wrong: You know how everyone is an expert parent until they have kids? Well most women think they know how to fit themselves with a bra. Um, no. There’s a more likely than not chance that your band size is too big and cups too small. This is why you need to be fitted.

It’s expensive: Bras are one of those things you’re going to need to spend some cash on. And like babies, you’re going to spend more than you originally planned. I found two on sale for $51 each down from $65. Worth. Every. Penny.

Your husband will twiddle his thumbs while he waits: No matter how much he may want to be involved (for different reasons, I hope), you’re the one with the body parts. There were some uncomfortable-looking dudes milling about waiting for their ladies to be done. Maybe they should just install a TV that plays sports constantly in the lingerie department.

You’ll have to make some tough decisions: Getting back to the whole expense part of bra shopping ... those suckers aren’t cheap. Just like you couldn’t give your baby every name you liked, you’re going to have to narrow down your bra choices.

Things grow and change ... don’t hold onto the past: Yes, we miss our pre-pregnancy bodies, but just like our favorite bras that no longer fit, emotional health and great cleavage depend on your ability to let go.

Are you happy with how your current bras fit?


Image via Anna Rostrom/Corbis

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