My Chaotic Makeup Drawer Is My Worst Beauty Secret: 4 Easy Fixes

I have a beauty junkie confession to make: the bathroom drawers where I keep (most of) (ok, some of) my makeup and product stash are in states of complete disgrace. I mean, I should probably submit myself to one of those reality shows, like Hoarders. They're absolute chaos. Are your drawers like this or am I alone?

Wait, actually, don't tell me ...


I don't want to know! I'm just going to assume that there are other people out there who can relate. And the rest of you can take this opportunity to feel superior to crazy people like me, who own approximately 6 million beauty products and end up using the same five or six over and over again because the rest are just too hard to find!

For my fellow chaos-makers, I decided to do some research and get good ideas for how to organize our beauty products. Here are some of the best ideas I found:

1. Buy a gosh-darned drawer organizer. I mean, duh! Why have I not done this before? I don't know. All I would have to do is measure my drawers and find some that fit. This drawer organizer at Target is only about $8, but I feel like I need more compartments than that. There are a TON of bathroom drawer organizers at, and....

this wooden, expandable cosmetic drawer organizer above is more expensive, but so nice looking! ($24.99,

Of course, you can always break FREE of the drawer (or expand on it) ...

2. Get yourself an official makeup storage system, aka an acrylic makeup organizer. These can be a bit pricey. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOXes are like the Cadillacs of these systems: the best-selling "ICEbOX wide" looks totally fabulous, and it's $395.

They do have smaller versions though -- worth looking into if you can afford it, because they'd be a great investment. Of course, you can always find a good bargain if you hunt around ... for example, here's a smaller, less high quality, but still effective acrylic organizer on eBay for $117.75.

But if that's still too expensive...

3. DIY! This blogger at is some kind of organization superstar. I love how she gets crafty -- and thrifty! -- with a clear acrylic drawer set from an office supply store and some leftover stationary boxes. This looks like too much work for me, but for the slightly more ambitious out there, it's great!

One last idea that I love:

4. Display some of your makeup on your dresser or counter-tops. Pinterest is a great place to get inspirations, like using a mirror as a tray, displaying pretty products on cake stands or plates, making your own glittery vase/holder, or using chic wooden countertop displays.

I think I'll end up doing a combination of a few of these, but my first step is definitely some drawer inserts. I shall tame the chaos!

Are you inspired?!


Image via April Daniels Hussar

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