Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Makeup-Free & Proves She's Not Perfect (PHOTO)

Gwyneth PaltrowWow. Who knew she isn't 100 percent flawless in every way? After seeing Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup -- it's clear that she isn't quite as perfect as she wants everyone to think she is.

This photo of her was taken as she arrived at JFK Airport with her children, Moses and Apple. As you can see, she looks exhausted, not at all done up, and well ... like a regular mom who's worn out from traveling with two kiddos.


And as much as she usually gets on my nerves, I gotta say -- it's kind of refreshing to see her looking like a normal person for once. All we ever seem to hear about is her bangin' body, stylish duds, and a face that hasn't aged one day in the last 10 years or so.

But now that this pic has surfaced, it kind of proves that underneath her holier-than-thou attitude, Gwyneth really is just another 41-year-old woman who can't be bothered with getting all gussied up before taking a flight. Seriously, do you put a ton of effort into your appearance before traveling? Most of us don't -- simply because being comfortable certainly trumps looking like a beauty queen on an airplane.

If Gwyneth wants to get people to like her again, she should think about stepping out like this more often instead of trying to maintain an image of perfection. Having zero quirks or flaws is so overrated anyway.

Do you think Gwyneth looks good without makeup?


Image via Splash

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