Miley Cyrus' Short-Shorts in December Look So Good It's Criminal

miley cyrusBecause I am a grown-ass woman, I'm loath to ever take my style-cues from Miley Cyrus. I think the world could do without seeing my nipples while I grocery shop, you know? But I'll make an exception for this most recent look of hers. Miley was spotted out and about wearing a simple, white sweatshirt, short-shorts, and snake-print ankle boots -- be still my heart.

If you look at the items of clothing separately, they aren't exactly anything to write home about. Plus, I'm diametrically opposed to shorts so short with so high a rise that they are basically guaranteed to give you an infection. But the weird separate components here all come together to make for a casual warm-weather look that has me wishing I lived on the West Coast! 


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I know I should be hating on Miley for the sheer smallness of her shorts -- but I can't do it! Maybe it's the cold weather getting to me, but I think the look works. I think the stark casualness of the sweatshirt and shorts paired with the high-fashion look of the boots presents an outfit that's really super balanced.

I'm also a sucker for anyone who can rock travel-wear and make it look like they've just thrown something on that happened to totally work on them. I'll be real -- Miley's kind of throwing some edgy, alt-Paltrow vibes our way with this look. And we all know how I feel about La Paltrow -- she is the greatest there ever was. In closing, when Miley doesn't try so hard (and keeps her tongue in her mouth), I love her most of all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have jeans to turn into cut-offs. 

Which celeb's style do you love even though you know better?


Image via Splash 

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