The 1 Tip You Need to Make Your Short Hair Look Gorgeous Every Day

meI've had very short hair for about a year and a half now. And, with the exception of falling for the occasional updo in some British period dramas (or in Batman Returns -- just saying), I think short-haired is how I'll be for some time to come. While going super-short isn't for everyone, I've noticed that those who make the chop and love it seldom go back to long hair.

Short hair is a total cult. But, you know, not the "here put on these matching sneakers and purple robes" kind -- the good kind. Certain aspects of your life will never be the same with short hair (example: "Oh my god THE BACK OF MY NECK IS SUNBURNED"), and figuring out how to keep it always looking spectacular? There can definitely be a bit of a learning curve.


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There's one thing nobody tells you about getting short hair. It's the key to keeping it looking awesome. If you adhere to this dictum, your style will always look fresh, easy, and glamorous. All the pomades, polishes, and drying techniques are useless unless you follow this key guideline. It's also such a seeming no-brainer that it's easy to forget. Keep it trimmed.

This was something that took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out. When I had long hair, I didn't have to think about frequent trips to get my hair cut. I'd address split ends (if I had them) and really only go in when it was time for a new style.

I'd always thought that my hair was slow-growing. Once it was short, I learned that this wasn't the case. While some folks can get away with waiting as long as three months to pop back into the salon to trim up their 'do, I tend to find that this is pushing it. Full disclosure: I'm getting mine trimmed up this weekend, and at three months, it's like I waited faaaar too long.

My advice? Pretend you are a sleek businessman and pop into the chair every time you start look unkempt. This doesn't mean shelling out major bucks either. Most places will do a trim between cuts for gratis or close to it. I suggest checking in every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your bad-ass self looking majorly bad-ass. Also, bonus tip: If you love MASSIVELY oversized accessories? This haircut is for you.

How do you keep your style looking salon-fresh?


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