Crazy Celeb Beauty Blunders We Can't Believe Actually Happened


Miley CyrusOkay, look ... we've all had our days when we haven't looked our best. A little lipstick on the teeth? Maybe a little too much bronzer? But we all know celebrities are held to higher standards -- and rightfully so! Don't they have a slew of professional makeup artists on call at all times? (Also known as the "glam squad" -- right Kim Kardashian?)

We don't really expect celebs to have those makeup malfunctions ... especially not on the red carpet.

Take Miley Cyrus at the Maxim Hot 100 party for example. Sure, she was probably trying to avoid the shine, but it just looks like she has a white fuzzy beard. Like Santa Claus! Okay, I'm not funny.

Or how about Eva Longoria or Melissa Joan Hart? So much powder, TOO much powder. How were they unaware?

And ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the first ever MALE makeup malfunction -- we didn't see this one coming. Seriously.

Check out the entire list of makeup malfunctions here -- and relish in the moment that stars really are ... just like us.

Which celebrity do you think is the worst offender?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Trina

Uh, Miley's is because she couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth and licked her freakin makeup off.

Tina Goff

Some makeup looks totally normal until there is a camera flash.

spook... spooknrun

I've heard they use different makeup for high def cameras and it photographs terribly in certain scenarios.

ciaob... ciaobellaxo94

Anyone who knows makeup would realize that It's not over powdering but indeed HD powder. HD powder is great for t.v but very unforgiving to the flash of one.

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