The 1 Beauty 'Crisis' Women Have No Business Freaking Out Over

kate middleton poppy day kensington palace gray hairWhen the world got a first gander at Kate Middleton's gray hair last month, the world gasped. How could the Duchess of Cambridge, who we not only think of as having tons of beauty stylists at her disposal but also being youthful, vibrant, and effortlessly lovely, go out in public flashing her grays?! But I for one love the statement she was making (either consciously or not) by throwing caution and hair dye to the wind! A woman after my own heart!

Having just turned 30 in September, I loathe the idea that I'm supposed to be flipping out about those recently-sprouted grays in my occasionally-dyed and/or highlighted, brunette mane. And I resent the fact that women in general are expected to get all up in arms over the inevitable reality of going gray.


As if we didn't already have enough to worry about, you know? As Nancy Kwan famously sang "I enjoy being a girl," but there's enough to keep up with -- shaving/waxing/tweezing/threading to ensure there's little to no hair on our bodies with the exception of on our eyebrows and on our heads, wearing natural-looking but feature-enhancing makeup, moisturizing/exfoliating, mani-pedis on the regular, smelling like a fresh cupcake or flower 24/7, staying on-trend fashion-wise, etc. -- without having to sweat bullets over a few measly gray hairs! To start having an existential crisis over it, because OMG, it signals the complete and total end of youth and beauty, and great, now, we must be old hags! Ugh. Please, ladies, let's get over ourselves!

Though, one of the reasons we worry about grays is because aging is supposedly unattractive, right? So, upon spying my new grays, I asked my husband if he had even noticed (cuz he'd never say anything on his own -- gold star for him!). He said yes, so then I asked if he cared, and he said no, as long as it didn't "get out of control." Ha, ooookay, honey.

But I get it. He only means he hopes I continue to take pride in my appearance. Fair enough (as long as that's a two-way street!). And part of that is hitting up my stylist this week, because yeah, I want to polish/freshen up my color for the holidays. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let the color of my hair define how old or beautiful I feel. I refuse to buy into the hype. No goin' gray panic for me, no siree. After all, something so innocuous, natural, so normal isn't worth any of us driving ourselves nuts over!

How did you feel when you first started noticing grays?


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