5 Weird Tips for Super Pretty Winter Skin

winter skinWinter skin. We talk about it the same time every year for a reason: It sucks. Our skin that was supple, dewy, and sun-kissed a few months ago is now dry, flaky, and tight. We can actually feel our skin when we open our mouths. That's gross. No one should ever feel their skin.

Anyway, we've all heard the same tips over and over again -- use a humidifier; drink water; don't take hot showers -- and while they're fine, they're simply not enough. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this, now, would you?

Here are 5 tips you may haven't yet tried for soft, pretty winter skin.


1. Vitamin E capsules. Don't just take 'em, break 'em up and slather 'em on your skin. I have sensitive, dry skin. Pretty much one of the worse kinds, if you ask me. I'm always wary of "oils" and "serums," so when I first read about this, I wasn't sold. But one day when I was sick of my dry skin, I caved and tried it. And guess what? It works. It gives skin an extra moisture boost and doesn't make you break out. I puncture a capsule and rub the oil on my face after putting on my regular moisturizer before bed. I can honestly say it works.

2. Exfoliate. But don't scrub. I love the way skin looks after a good exfoliation -- fresh, clear, supple. But I've noticed that in the winter months, exfoliation, if you have sensitive skin, like me, can leave skin a little flaky and irritated. Instead of scrubbing my usual exfoliator on my face (Boscia), I simply apply it like a mask after cleansing, leave it on for a minute or two, then wash it off. It's much less abrasive that way.

3. Change up your skin routine. You don't wear the same clothes in the winter, because it's cold out, so why would you wear the same products? Different temperatures/moisture levels call for more intense moisturizers. I add a serum to my winter routine, but if you use an oil-free moisturizer in the warmer months, might want to go with something heavier right now. (And if you're worried about breaking out, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream is the bomb!)

4. Moisturize within two minutes of cleansing your skin (AKA as soon as you get out of the shower). Dr. Oz refers to it as the "Tanzi Two-Minute Rule" because moisturizing agents are best absorbed when the skin is damp. It helps lock in the water. 

5. Up your omega-3 intake. Whether you decide to take a supplement or eat more salmon, increasing the amount of omega-3, AKA "good fat," you consume can have noticeable effects on your skin.

How do you winterize your skin?


Image via Stefan Rupp/Westend61/Corbis

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