Jessica Simpson’s Shorts & Heels Don’t Do Her Justice

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is a petite woman with curves. I appreciate her repping my body type with mad swagger. She's the person, after all, who gave me hope when it came to actually pulling off wearing a maxi dress without looking like a child playing dress-up.

In her latest shoot with Weight Watchers, where she's a spokesperson, JSimp took some pretty major risks. That said, her fashion choice does highlight her adorable figure. She hasn't always nailed these Weight Watchers' shoots when it comes to style, so it's nice to see Jessica try something bold if a little problematic rather than trying to hide her body away.


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For her latest shoot with the company, Jessica rocked a rose-colored short-suit. Now I'm not normally big on shorts as formalwear, but the cut of these shorts combined with the demure look of her cream-colored blouse really works. It also highlights JSimp's INSANE legs. Dude, she's easily 90 percent leg.

The outfit kind of falls apart for me once your eyes hit her ankles. She's paired her cute corporate look with her signature sky-high heels. In theory I'm okay with that, but in practice -- the color makes it a big thumbs down. She's rocking a deep almost blood-colored red. It totally doesn't jive with the nearly taupe suit. That said, the shape of the completed ensemble is just so good. I'm torn!

Do you love or loathe this look?


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