Man Goes Overboard With Tattoos of Miley Cyrus & It's Amazing

carl mccoid tattoos miley cyrusForty-year-old Carl McCoid is a Miley Cyrus mega-fan. Hardcore. Times a million. Back in 2009 when Miley was still very Hannah Montana-y, Carl got his very first Miley tattoo. And he hasn't stopped since. He has 22 tattoos honoring Miley Cyrus all over his body -- arms, leg, chest, neck, tramp stamp spot, even his hands. There are portraits of the smiley Miley over the years, quotes, and lyrics to her songs.

You're probably wondering about McCoid. What kind of man is he? And does he have a problem? Well, he has an ironing business in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, in the UK and he was married but divorced in 2011. Though his wife thought his obsession with Miley was weird, McCoid insists it wasn't the reason they broke up. Weird? Not a chance. This guy rules. He likes Miley Cyrus, so he should get Miley Cyrus themed tattoos. That's what getting tattooed is all about.


People get tattoos of things they like. I have a friend who is a chef who has bacon and a really cool pig tattooed on his arm. Another friend who is really into history has a bunch of Presidents. I love Hindu art and have many tattoos in that style. And my pal Tommy Rockstar has all the signatures from the members of Guns N' Roses on his arm. A feat he accomplished after meeting each one on separate occasions over the years, having them sign his arm, and head straight to the tattoo parlour. Can you guess who was hardest to get? Izzy! Tommy even has a documentary about his tattoo quest called Where's Izzy? As a fan of Guns N' Roses, and Tommy Rockstar since his days in the punk rock band Latex Generation, I cannot wait to see this film.

Now would I get the signatures of the members of Guns N' Roses tattooed on me? No. I wouldn't get Presidents or a pig or bacon either. But I still love and respect all those tattoos. They rule, along with the people who have them. And I know not everyone is going to want to get Hindu art tattooed on them. That's why tattoos are great. We're not all getting the same exact things and we're getting tattoos of things we love, think look cool, or mean something to us. It's not polite to knock someone else's tattoos because it doesn't suit your personal style. It's like making fun of someone's outfit. That's just not nice.

So Carl, I hope you go on and get more Miley inspired tattoos if that's what you want. If your wife broke up with you because of the tattoos, it seems like it wasn't meant to be a forever kind of thing anyway. And even though Miley supposedly said she was "creeped" when she learned about Carl's ink, whatever. So many of us were creeped out by her twerking. All's good. I think it's cool. So what if you're 40 and most of Miley's fans are half that age. Do what you love.

What do you think of Carl's Miley Cyrus inspired tattoos?

Image via Daily Mail

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