Taylor Swift Deserved to Be 'Slammed' by Victoria's Secret Model

taylor swift victoria's secret fashion showEven when she's not breaking up with the hottie of the month, Taylor Swift has a knack for making headlines about discord with other stars. Most recently, Australian Victoria's Secret model Jessica Hart dissed the country-pop sweetheart after she performed at the lingerie brand's televised fashion show. 'Course the press blew it way out of proportion. Basically, when asked by Women's Wear Daily whether or not she thinks Taylor could "pull it off" as a lingerie model, Hart replied, "No ... God bless her heart. I think she’s great ... But I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit." Interesting she should say so, because I was thinking the same thing!

Unfortch, Hart's now backtracking, saying, "It was taken out of context, but I have certainly learnt my lesson." But was her initial quote really off-base?


My initial and current thought on the collaboration: What does supposedly oh-so-innocent Tay Tay have to do with push-up bras and thongs? Oh, sure, VS is all about the pink and the angels, but come on ... it's a company that uses sex to sell underwear! Meanwhile, at 24, Taylor persists in acting like she's the lovelorn, wide-eyed, naive 16-year-old who first broke on the scene. 

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What's more, Jessica Hart was asked if Taylor Swift could be a lingerie model. And I agree -- the answer is no! Not everyone -- not even Taylor Swift, who some people seem to think walks on pools of pure, candy-scented water -- is cut out to be a lingerie model. Sure, she's a beautiful young woman, but she's a performer. In fact, what Hart said could actually be taken as a compliment! Taylor's got a lot more going on than the average VS model whose claim to fame is flaunting some glimmery undies down a runway.

That said, it's ridiculous that Hart is being made to eat her words. Like it or not, everything she said was perfectly honest and true.

What do you think about Jessica Hart's Taylor Swift "diss"?

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