Katie Holmes' Sexy New Look Will Totally Blow You Away (PHOTO)

Katie HolmesWhoa! If I didn't know any better, I'd think this photo of Katie Holmes at the Jingle Ball 2013 was actually taken at the Jingle Ball 2003! Does she look stunning, or what?

First of all, her hair appears to be shorter -- and I'm really digging this shoulder length cut on her versus the longer style she usually has going on. Oh! And her makeup is just to die for. Between her rosy glow and bold reddish-pink lips, she's so gorgeous it's a little ridiculous.

But let's forget about her face and hair and get to the best part of her whole look -- the super-sexy mini-skirt.


Geez. We don't normally get to see this much leg from her, but it's obvious she's been keeping up with her regular workouts at the gym. (Or running or whatever.)

And based on the confident smile on her face, it's clear that Katie was totally owning her look that night. (She knows she looks good, people.)

Soooo ... what's up with her sudden youthful transformation? This is definitely the most flirty thing she's been seen wearing in a while, and the outfit takes a good 10 years off her appearance. I mean, aren't you half expecting Dawson and Pacey to jump into the shot, resulting in her erupting into a fit of giggles?

Seriously -- she looks younger and more radiant than she has in years, and it's about darn time. It's like she's finally come out of her shell and is ready to reinvent herself after breaking free of the hold Tom had on her, which must be the reason she's getting more daring in the fashion department.

Well, either that or she's putting it all out there because she's ready to land herself a brand new man. (Can you blame her?)

What do you think of Katie's transformation?


Image via Bryan Bedder/Getty

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