Victoria's Secret Model Admits to Having Plastic Surgery

If you're beautiful enough to not only be chosen as a Victoria's Secret model, but as one of their exclusive "angels," chances are pretty good that you possess what is considered a universally accepted type of beauty. A silly statement, I admit, since we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I'd still place money on the fact that most people would at least consider Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio "cute," if not downright stunning. 

But just because she's snagged a high place on a few hundred "most beautiful" polls in major men's and women's magazines over the years doesn't mean the mom of two feels totally secure with her looks. And it certainly doesn't mean she hasn't had plastic surgery to improve her appearance. The difference here -- and what makes this woman so refreshing -- is that she is at least admitting it. 


Yep, Alessandra has revealed that plastic surgery totally freaks her out because she once had a terrible experience with it back in her native country. Before she became super famous, the model had surgery to pin back her ears, which she says protruded and always made her feel self-conscious. Her doctor reportedly botched up her ears, they hurt for a long time, and for one year she had to return to different doctors in order to correct the mistake he had made. 

Since then, she has had negative thoughts about cosmetic surgery and it doesn't sound like the model will resort to this extreme measure any time in the near future. 

I'm not for or against plastic surgery -- I feel like a person has the right to make choices about how he or she wants to look. But I find it frustrating when a celeb, such as Kim Kardashian, acts like it's a sin to 'fess up about it. In Kim's case (and Alessandra's and Megan Fox's) we're talking about women who were already extremely gorgeous. But it's not for me or anyone else to say whether they needed bigger lips or pinned-back ears. If their lips or ears bugged them that much and they thought it would make them happy to change or correct those features, then go for it.

But come on, don't pretend your teeny nose was a gift from your parents. Or that your boobs have always existed right below your neck. It would be like me pretending I eat junk food all day and can still stay slim. It's a phony statement meant to perpetuate misconceptions we have about perfection.

So thank you, Alessandra, for coming clean about something that really isn't all that dirty. 

Do you care if celebs lie about their plastic surgery experiences? 


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