Rihanna Shocks in Stunning Fur Coat - Here Come the Haters!

RihannaThe consummate fashionista, Rihanna was spotted just the other day as she trundled along the streets of New York City. It's been cold here (finally), and Rihanna was appropriately bundled up. But don't expect something like some frosty temps to slow this style queen's roll. Rihanna knows that it is indeed the season -- to rock some fur. Brace yourself, Riri. Because you are in for a WORLD of PETA backlash.

I'm not a vegetarian and I do, I have to admit, own one (very old, very handed-down to me) fur coat. I also know how cruel this treatment is to animals. But, I mean, again, I eat said animals. As such, I have zero business scowling at celebs who wear fur. If I did that would make me a big ol' hypocrite.


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I think it's Rihanna's prerogative to wear all the fur she wants, provided she's willing to face the haters on the regs like so many fur-wearing celebrities before her. This might also make me sound like the devil -- but fur looks good! I would much rather see my celebrities striking a glam figure in their wintry paparazzi shots than maybe just manage to make out their eyes as they huddled in an ugly winter parka. 

After all, there are only so many ways to stay warm AND look good during the winter months. Wearing a fur coat is a long, and grand Hollywood tradition -- it bespeaks status and style, it says "Lauren Bacall", it says "Marilyn Monroe". So yeah, it's pretty close to being what I'd call legendary glamour.

Of course, if you are broke or diametrically opposed to wearing fur, you can definitely get some pretty killer faux looks. They exist, and, with rising activism, you see them more and more. But like so many other faux-products out there, they do carry with them a bit of a stigma. Even though I no better, when I see fake fur, I do think 'tacky'. 

Are you for or against wearing fur?


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