Taylor Swift Cuts Her Hair and She Looks So Cute!

Taylor Swift has always had pretty great hair. It's thick, a beautiful shade of bright blonde, and looks equally amazing straight, wavy, or curly. But Taylor also has a tendency to look..how should I put this...Disney Princess-esque. Now, that's not a bad thing because those Disney gals know how to keep their tresses in tip-top shape while fighting forces of evil and getting princes to fall in love with them (which is sort of what Taylor does in between singing some songs). 

No one really took her all that seriously last month, when she threatened to chop off her magical locks, causing butterflies and fairies the world over to weep at such a great loss. After all, her eyebrow-gazing bangs were starting to look fiercely mod and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone whose mane was quite so glossy. But she's done it, guys. She sat for the scissor. And she looks fantastic.  


If you're a Taylor hair devotee, don't freak out. She didn't go too drastic -- no chin-grazing bob or anything like that. Instead, she cut her below-the-shoulder-length hair into a lob (or a long bob) and thinned out and pushed her bangs aside so that you can see more of her pretty face. Here's a photo of her rocking the new style:

In this second photo, you can see how her hair looks when she styles it so that her natural wave comes out (which I just adore). Taylor has confessed that model Karlie Kloss gave her major hair envy and her new look is more or less a replica of Karlie's hair. Maybe she felt inspired when she performed at the Victoria's Secret show? 

I think it's a refreshing change for Taylor -- one that makes her look a little bit more her age AND gives her a bit of an edge. But she still looks, you know, pretty and soft, which is Taylor's thing and that's what suits her best.

What do you think of Taylor's haircut -- do you love or hate it?


Images via Instagram

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