Katy Perry's Bizarre New Hairdo Is a Hair Don't (PHOTO)

katy perry purple bunSince busting onto the pop scene several years back, Katy Perry has sported a wide array of wacky, rainbow-colored hairstyles. Seeing her rocking turquoise or olive-hued tresses is nothing new. Hence why her latest dye job, an electric aubergine, is really no surprise. But the way she's styled it kind of is ...

Katy was spied leaving the London Studios, wearing a preppy pink-accented argyle sweater dress, a tan trench coat ... and her bright purple mane up in a weird, tight, uncomfortable-looking braid all on top of her head! Gah!


What is this, her attempt to rock a Princess Leia 'do? Or this is what she came up with as a way to disguise not having washed her hair in several days? Or she was trying to compete with Gaga for wackiest hairdo of the week? Regardless, I'm not feelin' it. It looks ... uncomfortable. And SEVERE.

'Course Katy could look glam in just about any cut or style, and she still somehow manages to look like a total star here, but all I'm saying is she can do better. I'm a big fan of the old Hollywood, movie siren waves she often rocks. Even if her hair is a bright cerulean, neon teal, or bright purple like it is here! Flowy is so much more flattering!

But hey, it's not like she took that crazy-ass braided bun to a red carpet event or even her concert stage. So at least she'll be spared being ripped by Joan and the rest of the Fashion Police. At least there's that!

What do you think about Katy's purple braid?


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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