5 Luxurious Gifts She'd Never Buy Herself ... But Should! (PHOTOS)

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cashmere scarfKnow a special, hardworking woman who deserves a mighty nice gift this year? Is your best friend a mom to four and never takes time for herself, let alone buys herself anything fancy or luxurious? Or maybe you want to give your own mom something as fabulous as she's always been. Yeah, odds are you know a woman worthy of a luxe gift who never gets one, and we've got you covered.

Over on The Prowl, we've rounded up several luxurious gifts most women, especially moms, would never buy for herself. But we all know that doesn't mean she shouldn't have them. A little luxury can feel quite nice sometimes.


Giorgio Armani Long Leather Gloves

long gloves  

Ever slid your hands inside leather gloves, especially long leather gloves (Farfetch, $281.26) like these? It's straight-up luxurious. Leather gloves of any color or length make a great long-lasting gift for the woman who deserves something wonderful.

TOCCA 'Eau de Parfum Viaggio' Travel Fragrance Set


Three TOCCA fragrances (Nordstrom, $45) in lovely miniature bottles from fashion house Tocca. A wonderful and extravagant-feeling gift. 

Nordstrom Woven Cashmere Wrap

cashmere scarf

cashmere wrap (Nordstrom, $176.25) is extremely luxurious, something most of us only dream of wrapping up in. Love the full coverage of this beauty but any cashmere will do.

Alpaca & Shearling Slippers

slipper alpaca shearling



After a long day on her feet, chasing kids or working for the man, she deserves to relax those feet, someplace lush like these Alpaca & Shearling Slippers (Toast, $114).

Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings in Platinum

tiffany earrings solitaire diamond

If you've been saving all year (or maybe five years) for that perfect gift for a special lady, consider a pair of Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings (Tiffany & Co., $1,125). Best gift ever and we'll all be jealous!

Want more luxurious gifts ideas? Just click on over to The Prowl for our full board of Luxurious Lady Gifts!

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irish... irishrose13

Nice ideas, but holy fuck on the price tags.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I had my dream husband buy my Tiffany diamonds, 'cause that is never gonna happen. 

nonmember avatar NoWay

No thank you. I have better things to spend my money on ... or would have my husband spend his money on. I would rather spend a nice weekend in a spa resort for the price tag of those earrings. Jeez!

vivia... vivianchardson

the price is so high, i'd better to buy some beautiful ones with low price and good quality. 

anyone agree with my idea, perhaps we can buy together. we can go ebay, amazon, pabbos, dinodirect... lol

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