Lady Gaga Dresses Like a Christmas Tree in an Outfit Real Women Could Wear

Lady Gaga After the critical panning of her Muppet Christmas special, it's good to see Lady Gaga returning to basics. Of course, returning to basics for LG means seeing what sort of crazy ensemble she can drape, coat, or paste herself into. While we wouldn't always wear what she's deemed appropriate for a given occasion, you can't argue with how good she makes each ensemble look.

For Christmas this year, Gaga stepped out in a veritable ode to the season. She was wearing a red wrap-style short romper that conjured up images of a big, red bow on a package. She wore Christmas-green hair, and, as if that could ever be enough, topped off the look with a headpiece made of an ACTUAL Christmas tree.


What's that, you ask? Was the Christmas tree decorated? Of course it was! The Lady proved herself staunchly in the decor camp that's all in favor of multi-colored lights and ornaments. Frankly, I was surprised she stuck with such traditional balls to deck her balls.

The funniest thing about this look is that ... it's actually super-wearable, even if you aren't Gaga. Of course I'm not suggesting that we all fanny about town with trees on our domes, of course not. But that red romper? It's the right side of crazy-couture. I'll be honest. If I saw someone wearing it on the subway paired with leggings and a basic black boot -- I might not even look twice. In fact, I might have to go shopping for a red romper and matching tights for my next holiday party. Who'd have thunk it -- Lady Gaga is serving up honest to-go fashion inspiration.

Would you rock a non-traditional look during the holidays?


Image via PCN

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